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We Are Hiring

Full-time Chefs & Chef Assistants


1. BBQ Chef Assistant / 烧味助理  $3,400


Other Positions  其他职位

1. Main Kitchen 4th Wok Chef 四炉

2. Main Kitchen 3rd Wok Chef 三炉

3. Commis cook 支配

4. 3rd Prep Chef 三占板

5. 4th Prep Chef 四占板

6. 3rd Dim Sum Chef 点心师傅


Interested parties, please contact us at Mobile number: 98102844 (9am – 11am |  3pm – 6pm) for an interview. 有意者请联系手机号码:98102844  (9am– 11am | 3pm – 6pm) 进行面试。

Full-time & Part-time Servers


1. Servers (full-time) 全职服务员 $2,500 - $2,800

2. Servers (part-time)  兼职服务人员 $15 /hr


Interested parties, please send an email to with the position that you're applying for, your name and contact number so that we can follow up with you for an interview.



All above positions are open to Singaporeans and permanent residents only


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