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Demon Chef Alvin Leung, holder of 3 Michelin Stars

Best Peking Duck in Singapore

By Demon Chef Alvin Leung
Holder of 3 Michelin Stars

Forbidden Duck serves one of the Best Peking Ducks in Singapore. Peking Duck is an obsession of three Michelin Star holder, Demon Chef Alvin Leung. For years he has been delving into ways to reinvent a new style, engineer a modern take on the traditional recipe. 


​In the end, Leung decided to serve two versions of the Peking Duck. The first is the classic Peking Duck where it is known as Forbidden Duck on our menu. The other new creation is our Signature Slow Roasted Duck, a slow-cooked Peking Duck that is dry-aged to intensify the flavor, then slow cooked until it is juicy with a luxurious layer of fat, with the meat still pink and retaining all its natural juices. The duck is then roasted on high heat for a short time to sear and crisp the skin.


Forbidden Duck also serves a number of other signature duck dishes, hand-made delicious Dim Sum and unique Cantonese cuisine using the freshest and finest ingredients. The Forbidden Duck menu is curated by Chef Alvin Leung and perfected by Forbidden Duck Singapore's head chef, Chef Chun who has decades of culinary experience in top Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Forbidden Duck Restaurant

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